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How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom & Prevents Tyranny

It is important to take note that Civil disobedience works as a preventative measure for Tyranny. It does nothing to take down tyrants or restore freedom once it has already been forfeit. Which is why it is important that we stand up and refuse these nonsensical measures that are being put in place.reason than to seperate & control us restrict our freedom.

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the Great Awakening; Consciousness & the Light at the End of The Coronavirus.

What is happening now and why it is so uncomfortable is because we are in the process of ripping off the band-aid. This metaphoric band-aid wasn’t allowing us to heal though. It was covering up foundations of corruption that all of our world systems are built on. (The justice system, education system, our sciences, big pharma, 12 steps, obviously the divided political system…) All of these systems have been created to suppress our mind and our will, our bodies, & our Spirit keeping us dependent on the systems themselves and keeping us ignorant of the fact that we are being socially engineered.

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The Science Behind Masks – Randomized Control Peer Reviewed Science

The Center for Disease Control published this information in May. I’m posting this blog at the end of August going into September and there are still mask mandates and requirements all over the place. This just goes to show that as long as you continue to comply these nonsensical orders will continue to be applied. When will you stand up for your rights?

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