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How to Love Yourself & End the Cycle of Toxic Relationships

Where we should’ve been taught to Love ourselves, we were told we are selfish. When we should’ve been allowed the time and space to cultivate our emotional body, we were shamed and told not to feel that way. When we should’ve been going within to realize the truth of who we are, we were told to make sure everyone else was supported.

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5D Energy

Because of everything you’ve lived and everything you know up to this point, this new level of clarity happens so naturally, as if in the background of your beautiful mind- Maybe nearer to the subconscious than the conscious- because in this moment it is just the next logical step in the ever evolution and expansion of your consciousness.

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How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom & Prevents Tyranny

It is important to take note that Civil disobedience works as a preventative measure for Tyranny. It does nothing to take down tyrants or restore freedom once it has already been forfeit. Which is why it is important that we stand up and refuse these nonsensical measures that are being put in place.reason than to seperate & control us restrict our freedom.

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