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Best Free Email Marketing

If you are looking for an email marketing service that isn’t going to censor you or get involved in your message beyond a request & subscription service, has a ton of great features, and integrates with your existing services – I have done the work for you already and I have got the email marketing service for you!

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I Recount My First Ever Experience in Meditation & How I Accidentally Astral Projected Into Space.

The Great Awakening Series
In this video, I recount my very first experience in meditation step by step and how I ended up astral projecting and found myself in space! This was such a profound experience it inspired me and fueled me with this drive & determination to learn meditation because I wanted to get back out into space! If it had been any other way I would likely be like most people… ‘I can’t meditate, it’s just too hard for me to quiet my mind.’ Hehe. I’d love to hear about your experiences with meditation & astral projection!

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