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How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom & Prevents Tyranny

It is important to take note that Civil disobedience works as a preventative measure for Tyranny. It does nothing to take down tyrants or restore freedom once it has already been forfeit. Which is why it is important that we stand up and refuse these nonsensical measures that are being put in place.reason than to seperate & control us restrict our freedom.

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I Recount My First Ever Experience in Meditation & How I Accidentally Astral Projected Into Space.

The Great Awakening Series
In this video, I recount my very first experience in meditation step by step and how I ended up astral projecting and found myself in space! This was such a profound experience it inspired me and fueled me with this drive & determination to learn meditation because I wanted to get back out into space! If it had been any other way I would likely be like most people… ‘I can’t meditate, it’s just too hard for me to quiet my mind.’ Hehe. I’d love to hear about your experiences with meditation & astral projection!

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