I have a friend that spent all of 2020 in the hospital, but not for the reason you might think. He was having a brain tumor removed that was in the shape of his cell phone. (Which could usually be found holding right there against the side of his head. 

As my friend potentially lay on his death bed, desperately hoping each night to wake up and experience another day... not one doctor or  indoctrinated medical 'professional' would consider, mention or even acknowledge that this tumor might've been caused by his cell phone. Even though it is no secret that EMF's (the signal emitted and received by your cell phone) are carcinogenic. 

Another guy that I know recently had a blood clot in his leg. Curious, as I tend to be, I found out that it happened just after his coronavirus vaccine. You, the reader, likely already know that blood clots have always been a dangerous and unwanted side effect - with attempted coronavirus vaccines. Well, this guys medical doctor immediately decided that it was caused by the steroids that he has been taking (I assume) for a longer time than he has been getting covid vaccinated.  



That's all. No research, data or statistics seemed to be relevant. Just a plain old, decided assumption that was clearly based on and placed in support of an existing belief system. The interesting thing is that even bringing up the consideration that veered from the mainstream narrative seemed to seriously trigger my friend. He obviously had trouble discussing it and started to tell me how dangerous covid is and how effective the vaccines have shown to be.

In other words.. f&%^ science. Haha.  


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