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Fear Of Unity

Why The Concept Of Oneness Is Scary

Shortly after I had started a meditation practice, I remember really contemplating the concept of oneness. Back then, I had no concept how we could all be connected. It was too far of a stretch.

I remember reading an exercise to understand oneness and I went around looking at anything and saying to myself, I am that rock or I am that bench. At the time, it seemed pretty ridiculous, but I did it.

But it’s astounding how when you have a desire to know something and you set an intention, life just pushes and pulls you in a way that will lead you to a greater understanding of it.

The more I started to understand the idea that we are all, one – the more uncomfortable I became in the process. I’d spent my whole life up to that point (I was 27 when I began this) understanding that I was an individual.

I am me and I have my own thoughts, and feelings and experiences. The idea that if you zoom far enough out, that we are all one being, unit or energy was scary because it felt like losing my individuality. I didn’t realize at the time that what was scared was my ego. Because the ego believes that eventually enlightenment will destroy it.

This is a fallacy. The ego, seemingly, dies with the human body and even that is an illusion because an element of the ego exists and always will and that is just simply because energy is infinite.

The most enlightened masters that have walked the planet still had ego’s because if it wasn’t for an ego, we wouldn’t be able to have a human experience. We would instantly, again, be a part of all that is and there’d be no purpose for being here as we are, so the body in an instant, likely, wouldn’t exist.

So back to how we are all connected.

As I would cast judgement on people or behaviors that I didn’t agree with, I would reinforce my belief that that person and I were definitely separate.
Nearly a decade later and I will convey my understanding of it.

The more sensitive I become to energy, the more I can feel and experience our unity, our oneness, our endless and infinite connection. The more connected I feel to everyone the more I listen & the more I choose to experience compassion. The less I judge the behaviors of others and the more I am able to live breath and be an example of a kind and compassionate human being

As my understanding deepens, I come to realize more and more that by merging more into the truth of oneness that nothing is actually lost, in fact, there is much to gain and benefit.

Imagine if every human on the planet were able to merge our consciousnesses, then we would still have our unique individual personalities, but we would have access to boundless wisdom and knowledge. If we were always tapped into the whole of the planet, then there would be no wars or killing at all – definitely not for power or profit.

We will realize that diversity in any system increases resilience and that by hurting others on our planet, we become an autoimmune disease that is weakening its own life support system.

If something needed to be done for the greater whole then everyone would have access to the information and would know exactly what needed to be done and how they could contribute to the solution and be a part of it.

You see by coming into our individual human avatars to have these life experiences, we get to learn more who we are as separate before we remember that we and everything are actually all connected and always have been. There is no separation.

Nothing is ever really lost, there is only ever so much to gain in a world, planet, galaxy, universe, multiverse, etc, that is truly infinite.