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a new concept of god and the apocalypse

The Apocalypse Revisited

etymology of apocalypse


The etymology (origin) of the word apocalypse comes from the Greek word apokalyptikós. Which can be translated to ‘distancing from hiding’ or ‘no longer hiding’ or ‘coming out of hiding’.



While the lens of religious dogma would likely interpret this from a perspective of no longer being able to hide from an angry and judgmental God, I do not subscribe to this ideology.

The mainstream conceptual ‘God’ program is trivial and childlike in understanding. Its foundation is fear, and it is ignorant, at best.

God Consciousness

I think of it like this… If there is one creative source of everything – one single source origin of ‘All That Is’ – there are a couple of things that need to be reconsidered:



This ‘God’ consciousness, if it can even be called consciousness, is something that is far, far beyond the scope of our wildest imagination as humans.

A true understanding of this ‘God’ concept would far exceed the perceptive capabilities of the three-dimensional brain of the most conceptually able-thinking philosopher, or even one with the greatest intellect – it is beyond the capacity of any human.

While we have a word for infinite, we cannot really even grasp the concept. Something that has no beginning and no end, that always will be and always has been.

If you get it, please enlighten the readers and me, in the comments.


As with everything that is left to our imagination, we linearize it because our experience of reality has been linear from the moment we are born to the moment we transition – our death experience. Every single thing that we allow ourselves to experience has a beginning and an end.

An omnipotent and omnipresent God, that can hear the prayers of billions of humans simultaneously, as if sitting on the other end of a phone with each individually, is leaps and bounds and light-years beyond that and beyond our understanding.

This is a ‘God’ that, I think most people believe in (roughly 80% of people on the planet). If you have ever said a prayer, even in a desperate fleeting moment, you wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t think there was a possibility that whatever your understanding of ‘God’ could potentially, metaphorically, ‘hear’ it.


If there is a creative source of everything, then that source of ‘All That Is’ would categorically be our ‘Parent’. Which would make us, as Jesus is said to have said, all the sons and daughters of God – We are all ‘God’s children.

How many parents do you know that irrespective of the morality of their child, would condemn them, to never-ending judgment and eternal pain, engulfed in flames of excruciating eternal punishment?


female sphinx annunaki cherabim

 I could, quite literally, be a cold-blooded sociopath serial killer, and my mother would still want everlasting eternal peace for me in death – or, at least something other than damnation and torment.

The guilty linear ‘God’ that has been taught in religion defies spiritual logic, intellectual reason & common sense, even when seen as and from a linear human perspective. I think most of you will agree if you really consider it.

I’m pretty sure before the last pope died, he admitted that they made up hell to control the masses, as he lay on his deathbed gasping for his last breath. He clearly thought he could repent and make amends. Hehe.

That paradigm creates a ‘God’ parent that has set us up with an impossible task that seems not only unfair but a cruel and unusual punishment. Besides, every ‘enlightened’ master throughout history on this planet all had the same message: ‘God’ is Love, not hate or judgment, so don’t get it twisted.

Think about when you truly love unconditionally, if you have been fortunate enough to experience, in this life, yet. Your partner, or child, or the easiest ones to unconditionally love – your pet – simply because they exude it.


If this one creative source exists then we are all part of it which means that it is a part of us. (A linear way of seeing it could be that we are encased inside of it or it is inside of us – both are true.) Because any creation -a painting, for instance – can only contain that which is of the creator – the artist. Nothing else can exist in a creation. Nothing that the creator, or artist, cannot feel or envision. This information, or frequency, is what is conveyed when you are touched or even changed by a piece of art or a particular artist.

Art, therefore, can be more of an experience that leaves you different – forever changed – never again, to be the same.

Therefore, when you pray if you pray – or meditate – rather than praying to something above or outside of you, you should direct your intentions inward which will automatically emanate out and all around you instantly to All That Is. I cannot explain this to the intellectual brain but I promise that if you internalize prayer or meditation rather than externalize it, I promise you that your life will begin to change and accelerate in the most positive ways. If ‘God’ is outside of you then how do you heal, how do you evolve and how do you shift? It isn’t logical, just ask the ancients and indigenous. And, so it is.


Out Of Hiding

We are coming out of hiding from the Truth. Illuminating the darkness or becoming aware of the truth after eons of remaining in shadows of ignorance. This may sound scary to you, but this couldn’t be happening if we weren’t collectively ready and asking for it.

If knowledge is power, and indeed it is, then a lack of knowledge is a lack of power. Therefore, if we have been lacking knowledge then we have been powerless. That is changing as more and more of us are waking up to greater awarenesses and doing things like revisiting and questioning dogma that has been force-fed to us by religions throughout the ages, down directly through to our parents.

Facilitating Change

Any civilization is based on and built upon a set of truths that are understood to be valid. When the foundational truths change, as they have throughout history, so does the civilization change.

This is exactly why we don’t need a plan of action to facilitate change, all we need is to become aware of the Truth of what is. Once there is conscious awareness , the natural consequence of that is change. Think about in your personal life, once you truly become aware of a thing or behavior that you want to change there is no going back.

Awareness cannot be revoked (aside from events of severe denial and/or extreme trauma) – you cannot un-see what has been seen. Therefore, awareness of something is all you really need and that thing will undoubtedly change, in time, because life will push and pull you in a way that will facilitate the change. This is a stellar explanation of why intent is so radically powerful and vitally important for evolutionary growth and progressive change.

There are atrocities that have been happening on our planet for centuries,  that have gone unnoticed and been hidden from us, existing in the dark. As more light is flooded into our reality experience, these terrible things are being brought to the forefront of our awareness and they are far from easy to face. When you are good, it is natural that you would project that goodness onto others – but, the potential for good and bad exists in everyone and some people do terrible things. As I said before, we do not have to figure out how to extinguish these things, we simply have to face that they are happening, and the natural consequence will be that they will dissolve and/or change.

Copernicus & The Fallibility Of Religions Infallible Truth’s 


In the 16th century, behavioral norms came from religion and still do, to a certain extent, today. The church was decided and believed to have infallible knowledge because it, supposedly, came directly from God. If you weren’t in the church, then you were convinced you were a dirty sinner so ‘God’ wouldn’t speak to you, I guess.

According to the church, the earth was the center of the universe and everything rotated around it.
Nicolause Copernicus, an astronomer & mathematician, couldn’t build a calendar based on the calculations with the earth as the center of the galaxy and came up with the heliocentric model because of the outer planets retrograde motion.


You see, there is never a majority on the leading edge of new thought and just because something is accepted by the masses, doesn’t make it any more true, or any less. If Copernicus relied on his peers for any type of confirmation of his discovery, he likely would’ve been laughed at, condemned and discouraged. Fortunately, throughout history, there are those that are willing to stand up to and against the mainstream majority in honor of the truth of what actually is.

Four Fundamentally Flawed Beliefs That Are Still Accepted By The Majority

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a stem cell biologist, best-selling author, recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award & keynote presenter for national and international conferences that is single-handedly responsible for bringing us the science of epigenetics, among other things. Bruce explains that our reality is shaped by 4 flawed premises, or as he refers to them, ‘myth perceptions’.
As he so eloquently states, ‘the world is based on myth, so if the myth is false, the world is false’.

These four ‘myth perceptions’ are as follows:
I. Newtonian Physics
II. Genetic Victimization
III. Darwinian Theory
IIII. Evolution is driven by competition.

I. Newtonian Physics 

newtonian physics art
charles darwin

 Newtonian principles have shaped the unfolding of our universe. Newton divided the universe into two realms, Physical and energy. Therefore, completely ignoring any relevance of a spiritual realm.

So a world without spirituality is simply matter. And here we find ourselves today collecting more and more matter. The more matter that you collect the more powerful you are seen to be.

Based on quantum physics this premise is entirely incorrect. When you look deep down into the structure of an atom there is no structure at all, it is more of an energy vortex. Energy cannot be separate or separated. Energy represents unity.

Therefore, all matter is energy and since all energy is connected, all matter is connected. This is simple physics and it cannot be disproved, for quantum physics is the most valid science. No other science has been tested and confirmed to be truthful, as has quantum physics.

Check out my video called there is no separation where I hope to help you tap into that connection.

II. Genetic Victimization 

Genetic determinism is false. Genes don’t turn on and off by themselves. Therefore, we are not powerless. Epigenetic’s shows us that environmental factors including our moods, how we feel, and our thoughts, have more to do with gene expression. We are not victims of our genes. We now become masters of our genetics.

III. Darwinian Theory 

Charles Darwin theorized that evolution relied on accidental mutations and that the positive were selected and kept and the negative were eliminated.

if random mutations are the source of evolution then evolution happens by accident. Evolution is based on adaptation. Humans can live anywhere because we adapt through purposeful change. What’s the purpose? I imagine that we should be taking care of one another and taking care of our beautiful planet.


IIII. Cooperation Over Competition 

Evolution isn’t driven by competition. At the end of the 18th century, Thomas Malthus, who would go on to inspire Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, coined the idea that animals reproduce faster than plants which would mean that eventually the animals would eat the plants and there would be nothing left to sustain them. So it was a continuous struggle for survival and competition for fitness because there wouldn’t be enough for all of them. This is a flawed premise.

Evolution is, in fact, based on cooperation. Animals and plants fall into equilibrium. Every mating pair of animals reproduce. Clams have 1000 eggs and only 2 live to maturity. The illusion of competition isn’t valid in nature, meanwhile, our entire culture and societies have been built with it as a foundation.

etymology of competition

The root of the word competition means to strive together to work together to get a better end result.

If knowledge is power, and indeed it is, then a lack of knowledge is a lack of power. Therefore, if we have not been given the facts, then we have been powerless to make informed decisions. That is changing as more and more of us are waking up to greater awarenesses and doing things like revisiting dogma that has been force-fed to us by religions throughout the ages.

No longer will we accept these false things, for we are more powerful than the conceptualization your imagination is capable of understanding, and change begins within.


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