IADFW International Association For A Disease Free World

Have you lost faith in The Public Health Establishment?Don’t trust your doctor’s recommendations of constantly prescribing you new medications to take regularly?

Realizing that wholistic therapies & anything outside of b1g pharma’s protocols get shut down immediately?

Don’t want the government to force you to have a vaccine or any medical treatment because, after all, it’s your body & your health? Or simply just want to learn more about ways you can reach and maintain optimum health in ‘alternative; ways? 


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 If you answered yes to any of these than this may be the next logical step for you. Take a look. No signup required. No credit card required. Free Access to the AHEAD map which, apparently, is worth a lot of money. Haha. It’s worth checking out. As a lifetime member, I can tell you that the IADFW was exactly what I had been searching for and one of the best decisions that I’ve made. The information that you gain from Dr. Rashid Buttar alone, is invaluable.